Lloyd Smith

"The support we receive from Terminal B is superb. It allows us to focus on our core business rather than on maintaining our information technology infrastructure.”

Mindover Software

Edgar Figueroa

"Terminal B is an effective complement to our staff. They've taken the time to understand our business and our needs, and maintain our systems accordingly."

Executive Director
Wi-Fi Alliance

Tom Villalta

"We rely on our in-house Exchange server and we have peace of mind knowing it's managed by Terminal B."

Video Testimonial

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Chief Investment Officer
Jones Villalta Asset Management

Paul Janowitz

"Using Terminal B has been efficient, easy, and time saving. Their experience and responsiveness have been very thorough in addressing our infrastructure needs. "

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CEO and Founder
Sentient Services, LP

Michael Crowley, Ph.D.

"Terminal B has provided us the best IT alternative since we opened our doors."

Vice President, Business Development
Pharmaform, LLC

Stephen Jones

"Terminal B has earned their place as our trusted technology advisor."

Jones Villalta Asset Management

Ed Ho

"Terminal B 's umbrella network management service provides us with consistent, flexible, top tier IT support. We can better concentrate on our business knowing we're in Terminal B's capable hands."

IT Manager
ARCH Venture Partners

Frank D. Hanzlik

"Not only has Terminal B's hosted Exchange solution been as reliable in Austin as it has half way around the world, it affords us an enterprise email solution we otherwise would not be able to consider."

Managing Director
Wi-Fi Alliance

Molly Pieroni

"Terminal B offers the breadth of IT knowledge and flexibility we need. Their professional Exchange and network support services are extraordinary and serve us well."

JatoTech Ventures

Lynn Pausic

"It is has been invaluable to have Terminal B as a technology resource as our company grows."

Expero, Inc.

Troy Voelker

"From Hosted Exchange to network infrastructure, Terminal B knows the technology that benefits our firm."

McNery & Voelker, PC