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Managed IT Services

Comprehensive, tailored support packages that replace multiple in-house IT roles and contain no variable costs

Terminal B shares your goal of having high-performance technology that runs unnoticed in the background. We understand the frustration of investing in IT only to have it create bottlenecks and pain points. And we understand deadlines – IT has to be able to keep up with the demands of your schedules, and it has to stay up and running regardless of workload, time of day, or location.

Since 2004, our strategy has been to learn our clients’ challenges and goals, dive deep into their infrastructure, then create and maintain a cohesive IT ecosystem that doesn’t distract from their business objectives. If you are searching for a partner to boost your productivity while ensuring you conform to the standards and mandates of your industry, contact us today. Our 24/7 support packages are all-inclusive, flat fee, and specifically tailored to your processes, vertical, and industry.

You will be able to:

  • Have customized 24/7 IT support providing fast turnarounds and relevant advice
  • Integrate seamlessly with your industry’s systems and standards
  • See concrete improvement in ROI, including increased productivity and workflow efficiencies
  • Gain confidence in your cybersecurity and regulatory compliance
  • Keep pace with developments in your sector and with business technology in general
  • Simplify your budgeting process with our fixed monthly fees
  • Benefit from reductions in headcount, downtime, and cybercrime

Terminal B’s Services are backed by both Error and Omission and Cyber Liability insurance policies.

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