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3 Types of
cyber security solutions
your legal firm must have

Our FREE eBook covers a comprehensive list of affordable cyber security solutions to keep your legal firm safe from malware and data breaches in a time when doing so seems impossible.

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Is your cyber security plan running on autopilot?

Safeguarding your legal firm and its data requires an actively managed strategy with at least three separate approaches to network security.

Here’s what’s covered in 3 Essential types of cyber security solutions your legal  firm must have:

Why defending your network is getting harder every day​

Current security trends for legal firms

Differences between anti-virus and anti-malware software

How to avoid vulnerabilities caused by human error​
... and more

If you’ve been comparing managed IT services providers, you’re probably finding that a lot of promises are vague. Take a look into what fully supported cyber security solutions look like in practice in this eBook.


We rely on our in-house Exchange server and we have peace of mind knowing it’s managed by Terminal B. Tom Villalta Chief Investment Officer Jones Villalta Asset Management
Tom Villalta
Chief Investment Officer
Jones Villalta Asset Management

Protection against malware, IP theft, and regulatory violations

Companies operating in high-liability sectors like construction, healthcare, or law are under constant pressure to achieve regulatory compliance and defend against cybercrime. These efforts are a drain on efficiency and productivity, but failing to make them can result in financial or reputational damage. Adding to the problem is the cloud, where the ability to work on any internet-connected device creates huge amounts of unstructured data in the field – a tempting target for cybercriminals. At Terminal B, cybersecurity best practices are at the foundation of every service we deliver.

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