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Yammer is an app that you can’t afford to ignore — here’s why

Businesses in almost any industry can increase productivity and profitability by using Microsoft’s social platform Yammer. But since it was added to the Microsoft 365 platform in 2013, law firms, contractors, and science organizations have usually declined to have us install it for them. They assume it’s nothing more than a Facebook clone — which it is not. 

Yammer breaks down company silos, reduces email distractions, and decreases time wasted on less productive social media sites. The app is included in every Microsoft 365 plan at no extra cost, so you have every reason to give it a shot. Here are some of the most compelling reasons:

Boost employee engagement and communication

Every organization struggles to motivate employees. That goes doubly so if your teams are working remotely. Yammer’s team- and company-wide social feeds are like digital watercoolers where employees can share updates, videos, and events. This leads to increased communication that has tangible benefits to your bottom line.

According to a report from Gallup, organizations that ranked near the top for employee engagement were 21% more productive, 22% more profitable, and experienced 37% lower absenteeism. Wouldn’t reaping even half of those improvements in your organization be worth implementing a free app?

Declutter email inboxes

Yammer also filters out nonessential information from everyone’s inboxes. Instead of sending a company-wide email about birthday cake in the pantry (followed by the inevitable stream of distracting reply-all responses), a post to the company’s Yammer page would accomplish the same thing without being nearly as intrusive.

Even if Microsoft’s social platform reduces email distraction by only 25%, that would add more than four hours of productivity per week to each of your employees’ schedules. 

Connect to other Microsoft 365 apps

You could boost employee engagement and declutter inboxes with Facebook’s Workplace platform. But you’d miss out on Yammer’s powerful integrations with other productivity apps. For example, new sales deals could be automatically posted to the company-wide feed with links to Dynamics CRM for more details.

Another great use case is an Outlook calendar integration that automatically posts details for upcoming meetings to team- or company-wide Yammer pages. Basically, anything that happens in an Office 365 app can be transformed into a post on the company’s social intranet.

Minimize dangerous distractions

Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms are cybersecurity nightmares. They open you up to a host of security risks, from phishing to password theft, which is why banning these sites in your office is critical for business continuity. However, there are solid arguments that prohibiting social media platforms creates a culture of distrust and drudgery. A private social platform where mingling is encouraged is the perfect compromise.
Since Yammer is limited to users with a company email address, you don’t have to worry about employees publicly sharing sensitive data. And even when workers are spending too much time chatting about topics unrelated to the office, at least they’re bonding with co-workers.

Give your HR team a leg up

Social networks are a treasure trove of data for human resources departments. You can monitor company morale, streamline team bonding activities, and see which employees excel the most at inter-team communication. Yammer is perfect for HR departments that want to make proactive improvements.
However, this app also has robust features for when HR needs to react quickly. Yammer admins can view private messages and groups when the need arises. So if there are complaints that an employee is harassing people, nothing sent on the platform can be hidden from your HR team.

Microsoft 365 covers all your bases

Whether you need a powerful database or a convenient chat platform, the 365 suite of cloud apps is built for versatility. The Terminal B team has built its reputation around customizing, security, and managing Microsoft 365 environments over the past 10 years.
We offer free assessments for companies that either want to install Microsoft 365 from scratch or optimize existing deployments. Take a minute to tell us about your needs and schedule a free assessment today.

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