About Us

Terminal B, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality of business IT support in Austin, Round Rock, and throughout Central Texas. We serve as a trusted advisor to businesses that need to maintain an efficient and secure network as demanded by today's business climate, but prefer the depth and expertise provided by outsourced management.

We understand the effect that inefficient IT services can have on the bottom line. That's why the cornerstone of our business network management is proactive maintenance. We aim to prevent potential issues before they manifest into larger problems. However, when issues do arise, network support is always just a phone call away.

Our Austin staff is comprised of seasoned professionals who have over 25 years of experience on both the vendor-side and client-side of business IT services. We speak in both technical and business terms, which is beneficial not only for explaining network support to clients, but also for understanding our clients' information technology needs.

Although our clients come from diverse industries such as venture capital, finance, high-tech, medical, pharmaceutical, real estate, and legal, they all receive the breadth of key computer service skills without the high costs associated with full time specialized business IT network management employees.

Our experience on both the vendor-side and client-side of business IT network support has equipped us with some valuable insight:

The perception of a problem is still a problem: The age old adage that "the only stupid question is the one not asked" is true. If you are having a problem with your computer or your network, we expect to hear from you. Clients have direct access to our technicians' cell phones, and network support requests submitted online are routed directly to the appropriate technician for the fastest resolution. Our job is to maximize the benefits your organization gets out of your information technology investment.

We are in it for the long haul: We don't perceive any deliverables as stand-alone transactions. This means every time we provide business IT network support or information technology recommendations we balance the big picture with short-term constraints. Even though the best course of action for a client may be less profitable for us in the short term, everyone benefits from things being done right the first time.

Commitment to learning: We feel that staying abreast of changing technology is imperative to providing the best computer service for our clients. This does not mean we deploy untested technology, but rather that we make the time to stay current with emerging technologies and apply them to client computer networks in appropriate situations.

Technology itself is seldom a competitive advantage for a firm. How the IT services are used, however, is a different story. This is why we also feel it is critical that we take the time to understand our clients' business processes and marry them with best network management practices.

Whether you need business IT network support for a satellite office in Round Rock or you're in need of network management services for your headquarters in Austin, Terminal B offers a full suite of services unparalleled in Central Texas. We help to keep small businesses focused on growing their bottom line by implementing and maintaining effective computer networks.

Terminal B is the leader in quality network service in Austin, Round Rock, and throughout Central Texas. We take great pride in the fact that 100% of our clients serve as references for our business IT network management services. This is an anomaly in the IT service industry which is plagued by fleecing and inconsistency. We serve as the trusted computer network advisors for our clients by looking out for their long term interests.

Without minimum term computer service contracts required, our clients are free to go at any time. We have eliminated all factors other than our performance as the reason our clients would continue to use our computer consulting services.

The advantages of Terminal B's IT and network support are flexibility, scalability, cost-control, and service. Contact us today to find out how our commitment to great IT services and support can really make a difference in your company.