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While the popularity of email has revolutionized business communications, allowing businesses to run faster and more efficiently, it has also opened up a new avenue for aggressive sales and fraud techniques. If this junk mail is not dealt with it can slow down your company's communications considerably. Spam, the unrequested and unwanted email that comes to almost every mailbox sooner or later, can become a serious issue if not dealt with preventatively and proactively using an effective anti spam filter.

Terminal B 's hosted Exchange solution uses Microsoft's Intelligent Mail Spam Filtering to separate out mail fitting certain characteristics to a junk mail folder. This anti spam filter identifies and removes scams and shady business offers, bank or credit card hoaxes, sexual content, possible viruses, and other common junk mail from your inbox. The spam that's filtered out is kept easily available to you, in case a legitimate email triggers the filters-it's easy to go look for it, mark it as Not Junk, and pull it out of junk mail. The spam filter learns through this process, meaning that over time, its sorting methods become more refined and accurate based on your personal list of senders and common content, and it can block spam with an increased, near-perfect success rate.

For a more aggressive anti spam filtering, Terminal B offers an Advanced Spam Filter. There are several added advantages of this service:

Off-site quarantine area prevents mail flagged by the spam filter from even arriving at your mail server extra layer of protection is for generic email accounts, like, which are frequently bombarded by spammers message queuing ensures that your email is saved for later delivery in case of mail server issues granular spam filtering-customize your mail filters to ensure that you receive the messages you need and avoid those you don't Extremely low false positive rates and a browser-accessible quarantine area to sort and retrieve flagged messages Periodic summary email listing detected and quarantined threats, with a link allowing you to view messages.

Terminal B 's Spam Filtering keeps your company's email system running smoothly, unclogged by spam that is irrelevant at best and, at worst, offensive and a serious liability. Any company can benefit from the control and security that our system offers; contact us today to discuss your needs and what Terminal B can do for you to effectively block spam.

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