Email Archiving and Compliance

It's not uncommon for professionals to keep a backlog of hundreds, even thousands, of emails. There can be several reasons for this-keeping track of contact information, commitments made by your business and your contacts, records of conversations with clients or vendors, and email receipts for business purchases, to name a few. EDiscovery, the practice of searching detailed electronic records, which can include an email archive, becoming more and more important as the business communications and corporate litigation change. Most importantly, email archiving and eDiscovery are essential for email compliance with a number of regulations placed on government, financial, and medical organizations:

Whether your interest in creating an email archive for email compliance, and possible eDiscovery is driven by your company's need to retain email records for its own purposes, or to bring your company into compliance with the regulations mentioned above, Terminal B's Hosted Email Archiving system provides flexibility and security for your company's data. Your data is stored for as long as you require, with the detail and accessibility you need to access your email archive.

Terminal B can help you find the email compliance solution that works for your business. Options include:

  • Off-site archiving and retention
  • Uneditable archives (RORM)
  • Visible/searchable online archives

The size and type of your business will determine the scale of the email archiving and eDiscovery solution for you. Contact Terminal B today to find the most cost-effective and efficient way to safeguard your information.

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